Artist Statement

    My work is an exploration of memory, of how memory can warp our reality, and a documentation on our surrounding’s effect on what we remember. By emulating age, nostalgia, permanence, and bygone times, I seek to draw viewers into a supposed history, freeing their thoughts to compare their own memories with what is presented. 

    Exploring memories allows me to examine a variety of topics within my work, such as ego, sexuality, childhood, and my personal history. Instead of looking at each theme as separate, I seek to find unifying threads that connect these topics to memories and emotions, making them more accessible to viewers while still upholding their mystery. 

    I create my work in a wide variety of mediums, such as painting, print, interactive installation, photography, film, and expanded media. A process-driven artist, I often start by building a “library” of images or objects and then editing them into a finished work. This process of editing allows me imply time to my work, an element necessary for memory.