A collaborative work between photographer David Dunsmoor & Cameron DuPratte, FINDINGS was a process-driven project that culminated in an interactive installation in The Union Gallery, located at The University of Kansas. The work included sculptural elements, hand-bound books, photos with handwritten text, & textile work. 

The photographs seen here were the spiritual blueprint for the show. DuPratte & Dunsmoor set out to explore five "chapters of growth" through photography. They are as follows: City of Wonder, The Ordering of Things, The Dreams & Madness, The Violence & Silence, Ghosts. Later, the themes and photographs would be recontextualized into the installation setting.

Having partnered on multiple film projects, DuPratte & Dunsmoor brought their director/cinematographer relationship into photography. DuPratte would set up situations & direct models, while Dunsmoor would light, frame, & shoot the photos. When DuPratte was modeling for some of the work, Dunsmoor would take over directing. 

The result was over a hundred photographs shot with a wide variety of cameras (including medium-format, digital, pinhole, & 35mm), all exploring the expansive theme of growing up. Enjoy this taste from each section.


CHAPTER I: City of Wonder

CHAPTER II: The Naming of Things

CHAPTER III: The Dreams & Madness

CHAPTER IV: The Violence & Silence